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What Tenka Does

GIS For Developers

Tenka offers a powerful API so your application can easily create and consume geospatial data without the need for specialized hardware or software.


Geographical information including human boundaries (cities, states, zip codes, timezones, and more) as well as natural boundaries (oceans, islands, etc.).


We have the most up-to-date data so we can provide accurate demographic and census information for any location.


Tenka makes it easy to integrate your data with a variety of services such as Mapbox, Google Maps, Open Street Maps, and others.


We offer custom solutions, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) dedicated or on-premise hardware and enterprise-grade support for organizations with complex requirements.

Friendly Support

Got a question? We promise to be friendly and often highly knowledgeable. Don't hesitate to drop us a line!

Powerful Features

Geocoding and Reverse-geocoding

Convert locations to and from geographic coordinates

Not the most unqiue feature in TENKA's arsenal, no geo-spatial API would be complete without this workhorse. TENKA's geocoding services can give deep insights into a location, identified by Lat/Lon, City, State, Zip, even IP Address and Area Code.

Custom Geographic Regions

Create and operate on custom boundary regions

In addition to traditional boundary regions (Cities, Counties, etc), TENKA allows you to create custom regions. These might be the service area of a business, a cellular company network's coverage or perhaps everything in a 5 mile radius of a specific zipcode. With TENKA you can easily determine how a customer or other geographic feature relates to this area.

Adjacent Searching

Find locations adjacent to a second location

If you've ever felt limited by a traditional address search, TENKA allows you to expand your parameters to adjacent areas. Perhaps your customer's perfect real estate listing is just on the other side of the steet? Don't let an inflexible search algorithm short-change your customers.

Map Integrations

Place Names and IDs

A variety of standardized names and IDs to integrate with your tools

WOEID, AFF Geo IDs, GeoName Ids

Variety of Implementation Options

Embed or Call Directly with CORS

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